Frequently Asked Questions

When will the site be launched and how will it work?

As for the site, the launch will be soon, and it will be announced by Mr. Ahmed, Executive Director As for the method of work, the support team will be ready to provide you with the method of registration and work. The start and launch time of the site.

What are the guarantees?

With regard to guarantees, we cannot provide any guarantees because we are not guarantors ourselves in order to guarantee work. Secondly, the work followed by us is a trade and commerce which is in itself a risk and it has a profit and a loss, but we try to transfer the loss or negate it by working carefully and carefully.

Do you have offices?

Currently, with the current situation, we are working first and soon, God willing, we are planning to open an office in Dubai, Malaysia and Turkey, and we will expand to all Arab countries and the world.

Can profits be recycled and added to the capital?

Of course, profits can be recycled and added.

Do you have papers and registrations in the responsible authorities, documentation and commercial records?

Currently we are at the beginning of a journey, but the sure thing is that after opening the offices, we will trust the company and be authorized by the responsible authorities.

What is the nature of your work?

Our business was originally an investment in digital currency trading. Through a group of speculators.

Is this work legally permissible?

Yes, because it is speculation, firstly and secondly, its ratios are approximate, not fixed, and change every period and period.

Is there an account statement or a site that I follow my profits on?

Currently, profits are distributed manually, but there is a site that already exists, but we have not officially approved it yet And you will be able to deposit and withdraw profits through it through more than one way As for the account statement, this is a privacy for the investor. Indeed, there are people who write in general that they received their profits, and here are people who receive profits silently without promotion