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Capital Markets

We work with many platforms like: Binance – Huobi – Bittrex – Kucoin – Poloniex- Kraken and much more.


We provide top security protocols to help you insure your data and transactions are always secured.

Various Packages

You can choose what suits your income from our low, medium or high packages and each one have lots of options.

Finance Advisory

Group management takes on themselves responsibility of giving advice to investors in crypto market by providing continuous advice about their investments.

Finance & Risk

You should be aware of all financial risks. Knowing the dangers and how to protect yourself will not eliminate the risk, but it can mitigate their harm.

Non-stop future planning

We have future investment projects that are on the ground (for example, restaurants, residential complexes, real estate, etc.)

Our Little Story

Something About Us

We are a team of dealers with the currency market, and our field of work is speculation in the digital currency market (for example Bitcoins) and the exploitation of investor money with us is a valid investment to obtain continuous profits distributed to investors and at the highest rates until we are almost the only ones who give these percentages, but in At the same time, we follow the Islamic method of dealing with profit and loss, so that we do not get into the issue of usury.Our idea started with speculation and making profits, then expanded.

A little more about us:

  • Building the first distinguished Arab website in the field of speculation in monetary currencies
  • Creating our own platform for dealing with digital currencies
  • Establishing a website for the financial transfer of currencies between different currencies and from paper to Electronic and vice versa
  • Issuing our electronic wallet for our website
  • The most important thing is to issue our own digital currency and strive to have a place in Distinguished Currency Refiners
  • Our future plan to transfer money assets to investors in the form of investments On the ground, it will be in the form of companies, real estate, restaurants, housing complexes and other in-kind investments that are located on the ground, which will be the property of all investors and a dream that will come true for them with a better future.

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Clients’ Testimonials

  • I heard about this company, thank God, about it a while ago, an excellent company and enjoys credibility in dealing. Thank you, Lyds future company.

    Kamal Al-Masry
    captain of the heroes of the October War
  • Thank God, I have been in this company for a while, and my profits are regular without delay. Thank you, those in charge of this excellent work.

    Ramadan Al-Samman
    Technical Supervisor
  • Praise be to God, the company is one of the most honest companies. The company is in constant progress and profits are well organized and managed.

    Ahmed Karawiya
    furniture dealer
  • The company is very respectable and profits are regular. The company enjoys great credibility and has many projects with success.

    Moamen Al-Masry
    Director of restaurants in the Gulf
  • The company always fulfills its promises, and thank God, the capital has grown due to the credibility that the company enjoys.

    Mayada el Saifi
    High School
  • I have benefited from the company excellent profits, delivery times, excellent support, very fast and adequate response I have no question.

    Mohamed Al-Masry
    Telecom Engineer
  • Praise be to God, I have been in the company for a while, profits are regular, credible and very safe. Thank God, my capital has grown from the most honest companies in the Arab world.

    Mustafa Hussam
    Engineer in an electrical company in Saudi Arabia
  • The company is very beautiful, very sincere, support and management is excellent.

    Mohamed Adel
    Media Consultant
  • Excellent company Excellent support. I wish to know this company long ago. The company is very safe. I advise anyone who invests in this company, like no other. Thank you Lyds future company.

    Khaled Shebl
    Restaurant Manager in Italy
  • Praise be to God. I have been in this company for a while and I am on a pension. By God, one of the most sincere companies and the best dealings, and God willing, we will provide shares in this wonderful company. Thank you Professor Ahmed Thank you for the distinguished support team.

    Souad Mustafa
    Chief Financial Officer